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My Neck Of The Woods: Lyme Park, Cheshire

If blogs grew mould, this one would be covered from top to bottom. It’s been almost seven weeks since my last post. Why? Simple. I haven’t been travelling, so I’ve nothing to write about. Well, that’s sort of a lie. I’ve been places in Spain, but I try to reserve most of that for my […]

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brixton village, london

Bright and Sunny Brixton

My pledge to the #Take12Trips in 2014 motif started most unexpectedly. There I was on new year’s day, nursing the mother of all hangovers, wondering when, where and – frankly – how the smeg I was going to travel (‘smeg’ isn’t a word I use much – it just felt right). I’d all but spent […]

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Top Oxford Pubs You Need to Visit

The Great British Pub is something intrinsic to countless lives in merry old England. It’s what we look forward to, where we can relax, chat and drink copious amounts of good, hearty ale. And Oxford is a breeding ground for some of the very best; these good, hearty ales – among their fizzier and sharper […]

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Roaming in Oxford, UK

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget what’s on your doorstep – especially when you’re so used to living in a country almost constantly shrouded in a damp, grey sheet of cloud. Thankfully, this year’s summer, thus far, has actually bestowed Britain with some proper, occasionally sweltering sunshine. This, at least for me, has been most welcome, […]

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edinburgh castle, edinburgh, hogmanay

Hogmanay: The Best New Year’s Shindig. Ever.

New Year’s Eve, until a few days ago, had been in my view the single most overrated party of the calendar year. I resented planning for it, but knew that if I didn’t do something fun and outlandish then I would be considered a scrooge. Despite this planning, it invariably seemed to pan out the […]

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