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manchester nightlife

Manchester Nightlife Guide: Tips from a Local

To say that the nightlife in Manchester is legendary would not be overstating it, and in this  detailed post I will try to explain why, before sharing a few of my top tips on Manchester nightlife. But first, why Manchester is significant to me? Firstly, Manchester is pretty much my home city. I grew up in […]

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moving home after living abroad, uk phonebox, london

Moving home after living abroad sucks. Here’s how to cope.

Well, I never thought it would last forever. A small part of might have believed otherwise but now it’s official: I have finally moved home after living abroad for 6 years. Why? Ooh good one. Actually, I haven’t figured that one out yet. I like the UK. I do. It’s nice, for a while. When I lived […]

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glastonbury tickets

5 Reasons Not to Feel Shit About Missing Out on Glastonbury Tickets

“Damn you internet! Damn you See Tickets. And yes, damn you too Glastonbury! Why? I don’t know. But I don’t deserve this!!” If these exclamations more or less match those that parted your lips at about 09.45am this morning, take minor comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. We are great in number, those of us who […]

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8 Brilliant Liverpool Music Festivals

Liverpool has always been a city synonymous with music. Legends like The Beatles both lived here and used the city as inspiration for many of their best-selling songs and albums. Now representing its status as a UNESCO City of Music, Liverpool hosts a great list of music festivals each year. New and exciting events are […]

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glastonbury festival essentials

Glastonbury Festival Essentials

So you got your ticket. Well done. That was the easy part (seriously). Now you have to decide what the hell you are going to take to Glastonbury Festival, which is why I have cobbled together this carefully considered Glastonbury Festival Essentials checklist. It pays to be well-prepared, and certainly prevents a lot of physical […]

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fernilee reservoir, goyt valley walk, derbyshire, peak district

Fernilee Reservoir, Heart of The Peak District

Behold the peak district! Sadly, August has brought almost nothing but grey skies and depressing rainfall to the UK, but on the odd occasion that it has been possible to venture out and not come home looking like a drowned rat, I have taken full advantage. Earlier this summer I visited Lyme Park– setting of […]

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