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The aim of this site is to inform and make traveling in featured destinations an easier, more convenient experience for everyone. In this section of the site you’ll find travel tips from basic advice and general need-to-knows to personal recommendations and local knowledge.

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6 Sicilian Treats You Have to Try

There is probably something very, very wrong with you, if you can go to Italy and not get excited about the food. I’m sure that for most of us a holiday in Italy revolves around food. My first, in Venice a few years ago, was hampered by a shoestring budget and lucrative prices, so I subsisted on plain […]

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Hiring A Car in Italy? Do so at your own peril…

My gusto for driving had come gushing back on a hot summer’s day in Oxfordshire after– incredibly –five and a half years without practice in Britain. It was me, my aunt’s lent and neglected Ford Ka, a hoard of nostalgia-reeking metal CDs from my early adolescent years (still know ALL the words) and a half asleep/half stoned friend, […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Budapest

Budapest is one of those European hubs that inevitably makes it into anyone’s Euro-trip itinerary for one reason or another. It was the nightlife that drew me in, since I’d heard and read so many good things about it. For others, it might be the impressive blend of architectural styles, the sweeping views over the River […]

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free walking tour

Free Walking Tours: Tips on Tipping

Gone are the days when we had to pay to be led around a city on foot. Now we have free walking tours, which – generally speaking – are a lot better, as the guides depend on the resultant tips at the end of each tour for an income, meaning that they are more engaged […]

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#Take12Trips and embrace PART-TIME TRAVEL!

New year. New places. New ambitions. Not resolutions; they’re only made to go belly up after the first month. No, my 2014 is all about embracing budget travel and spending less on clothes and booze. It is about showing anyone who still hasn’t realised that jet-setting to some random European city for the weekend is […]

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Couchsurfing: Good Times and Bad Times

Less than ten years ago, the thought of sleeping in a total stranger’s home was generally a very silly one. Back then strangers were crazy. They would drug you while you slept and then steal your kidney. They would drill pea-sized holes in the bathroom wall and watch as you showered. They would invite their […]

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