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Eating like a local with Marrakech Food Tours

How hungry do you need to be to eat sheep’s head? Not very, as it happens. Before my 4 hour-long, belly-busting food tour of Marrakech started, I’d barely finished my last mouthful of an incredible chicken tagine lunch of sizemic proportions. So good, in fact, was the giant tagine – expertly and no doubt lovingly prepared […]

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25 photos that will inspire you to visit Marrakech

This time last week I’d just spent my first full day in a city I’d been dying to see for years: Marrakech. The Moroccan capital has enticed me ever since I moved to and began to discover the captivating history of Granada, Spain, and was a must-see on my travel hit list for my 30th year […]

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#Take12Trips and embrace PART-TIME TRAVEL!

New year. New places. New ambitions. Not resolutions; they’re only made to go belly up after the first month. No, my 2014 is all about embracing budget travel and spending less on clothes and booze. It is about showing anyone who still hasn’t realised that jet-setting to some random European city for the weekend is […]

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