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A Travel Hit List for my 30th year

This year I will turn 30. FOGO isn’t something I really suffer from, but I’d be lying if I said the thought didn’t send a shiver down my spine. As long as I am happy when that day comes, that’s all that matters. But I’d also like to have ticked a few more boxes on my travel […]

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48 Hours in Granada

‘Rushing’ is not something we are particularly adept at nor inclined to here in Spain. Though the old stereotype of ‘Spanish time’ has become wildly exaggerated, there is some truth in it, especially when it comes to enjoying oneself. Lunch breaks, for instance, often go on for 3 hours, and if a national or regional […]

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Take12Trips May: Valencia

At last, I’ve got around to writing this post. It’s tricky making time for two blogs, freelance work, a full-time teaching job and what seems to be a blossoming romance. But hey, this is a blog about part-time travel so why not part-time productivity too? Let’s just hope I wow you with awesome content and […]

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#Take12Trips March: Skiing with a Spanish ‘twist’

Most skiers and boarders head straight for the Alps when it comes to picking a ski resort; the snow is all but guaranteed to be brilliant and in abundance. But what about Spain? Most people don’t even realise that there’s snow in the UK’s favourite summer holiday destination, let alone enough of it to ski […]

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Photo Album: El Albaycin, Granada

Granada is a southern Spanish city best known for its illustrious Alhambra Palace, an ancient, magnificent, Moorish structure which is perched emphatically above the rest of its domain. Tourists go camera-clacking loco for it. Next on the list though, is a venture deep into the adjacent, tumbling Albaycin bario– also spelt Albayzin or Albaícin –and to […]

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Swanning about in Seville

February’s #Take12Trips inspired jaunt was supposed to involve lots of snow, a few days’ snowboarding, plenty of sunshine and copious amounts of drinking at high altitude. Thick clouds, cold rain and decidedly unskiable conditions in Granada’s Sierra Nevada ski resort, however, ensured that was not to be. Arse. Emergency strategy needed. Enter Seville. I had been before – […]

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