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Awestruck at Lake Bled & Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

If there’s anything that gets my juices flowing, it’s the sight of a vast and glorious lake. There’s other stuff too – cinnamon whirls, for example – but where travel is concerned, this is the ultimate wonderment for me. This love of lakes can be largely attributed to my seven-month long stay in the Canadian […]

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Baroque not broke in Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Sorry, could you say that again please?” “Ljubljana” “Right. How do you spell it?” “L, J, U, B, L, J–“ “–woah woah woah. Sorry what? ‘Ler–jub–li–jana’?” “Never mind” That was three years ago. THREE YEARS. At 22, I’d never even bothered to learn the name of Slovenia’s capital, and there I was thoroughly embarrassing myself […]

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