Photo Album: El Albaycin, Granada

March 21, 2014

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Granada is a southern Spanish city best known for its illustrious Alhambra Palace, an ancient, magnificent, Moorish structure which is perched emphatically above the rest of its domain. Tourists go camera-clacking loco for it. Next on the list though, is a venture deep into the adjacent, tumbling Albaycin bario– also spelt Albayzin or Albaícin –and to spend an afternoon wandering aimlessly along weaving, cobbled passageways and bumping into stray dogs and dreadlocked, litro-chugging (and very friendly) locals. At the very top of the barrio is Granada’s most famous lookout, El Mirador de San Nicolas, where tourists flock daily for that breathtaking view of the Alhambra leaning over the city across the valley. Getting there can be problematic though; one wrong turn and your done for. Remember Labyrinth? As in the movie with the moving walls and dodgy, 80s David Bowie bouffant– not the speccy rapper from north London. Yes, well it’s more or less like that, without the goblins. As a resident myself, I can tell you it doesn’t get any easier. I still lose my bearing from time to time, and some tourists are rumoured to have been lost for days on end, with nothing but their Moroccan hammer pants and giant maps to keep them warm and sheltered at night.

Anyway, on a nice day– which there tend to be a lot of –the wandering and weaving is an enormously gratifying experience, particularly when the Alhambra emerges unexpectedly in a rare gap amid the jumbled, jagged and whitewashed stone walls. Here are some of the best photos I’ve snapped of Granada’s Albaycin bario…

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  1. Comment by Mike of Mapless Mike

    Mike of Mapless Mike March 21, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    The Albaycin is one of my favorite parts of Granada and any city for that matter. Great photos, Josh! I look forward to further exploring and wandering the Albaycin come fall when I arrive in España.

    • Comment by Josh

      Josh March 21, 2014 at 1:48 pm

      Yep, I am determined not to take for granted what I have on my doorstep! Thanks for commenting Mike 🙂

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