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Transport in Cuba: What You Need to Know

It doesn’t take long after touching down in Havana’s José Marti International Airport to figure out that transportation in Cuba is neither convenient nor economical for backpackers. There are no direct bus or train links from this Cuba airport – just taxis, which cost 25-30CUC for a ride into town (1CUC = $1). Ouch. Unfortunately, that’s […]

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Casas Particulares in Cuba: What You Need to Know

So your flights are booked and your bags (mentally) packed. What’s next? Ah, yes. Accommodation! One quick search on Hostel World and you realise that, actually, there is no listed accommodation in Cuba. What the..? Newsflash: Cuba doesn’t play by the rules. If you’re intent on travelling on budget in Cuba, you’re going to have […]

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New Year’s Eve and The Beatles Tour on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn

There was no particular reason why we ended up in Hamburg for our New Year’s Eve knees-up abroad, but the lure of cheap flights, flowing German weissbeir and, by no means least of all, a street filled with scurvy and contemptible enterprises (for ogling only) probably had something to do with it. Some pre-trip research revealed the infamy of the city’s sleepless […]

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