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manchester nightlife

Manchester Nightlife Guide: Tips from a Local

To say that the nightlife in Manchester is legendary would not be overstating it, and in this  detailed post I will try to explain why, before sharing a few of my top tips on Manchester nightlife. But first, why Manchester is significant to me? Firstly, Manchester is pretty much my home city. I grew up in […]

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buying cuban cigars in cuba guide

A Guide to Buying Cuban Cigars in Cuba

Cuba is the mecca of cigar production. From planting and picking to rolling, cutting and packaging – it’s all done in Cuba. So going to Cuba and not buying Cuban cigars would be like visiting the moon and not taking a rock. It’s just got to be done. Even if you don’t like cigars, it’s […]

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puerto viejo beaches

A Guide to the Puerto Viejo Beaches of Costa Rica

I don’t suppose there are many, or indeed any, other countries with a more befitting name than Costa Rica; with its collection of amazing beaches and broad span of diverse communities, cultures, climates and landscapes, it really is what you’d call ‘the rich coast’. But there are, of course, two very distinct coasts to explore. […]

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glastonbury festival essentials

Glastonbury Festival Essentials

So you got your ticket. Well done. That was the easy part (seriously). Now you have to decide what the hell you are going to take to Glastonbury Festival, which is why I have cobbled together this carefully considered Glastonbury Festival Essentials checklist. It pays to be well-prepared, and certainly prevents a lot of physical […]

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tikal, peten, guatemala, temple

Tips on Tikal and Flores, Guatemala

It’s easy enough to breeze through Flores, Guatemala’s laid-back island in the Peten province; it seems most travelers on the Guatemala circuit generally conclude that, other than the ‘must-see’ Mayan ruins of Tikal, there isn’t much else to do. But stay a few nights, and you’ll quickly realise that it’s more than a mere gateway to Guatemala’s […]

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gran cenote tulum, tulum cenotes, riviera maya

The Best Tulum Cenotes

Tulum is quite possibly the most addictive place I have ever visited. From Mayan Ruins and white sand beaches to copious amounts of cheap, glorious Mexican food, there are plenty of reasons to stay, but the biggest draw for most travellers are the Tulum cenotes. These cenotes (pronounced: ‘se-no-tes’) are plenty in number; too many to […]

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