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Moving home after living abroad sucks. Here’s how to cope.

Well, I never thought it would last forever. A small part of might have believed otherwise but now it’s official: I have finally moved home after living abroad for 6 years. Why? Ooh good one. Actually, I haven’t figured that one out yet. I like the UK. I do. It’s nice, for a while. When I lived […]

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Cuba, Mexico and Central America Itinerary

It’s happening. I finally quit my teaching job in Granada and booked a flight to the other side of the world. It’s kind of a late announcement, since the job-quitting part went down a few months ago now, and truthfully I didn’t actually quit, rather, I ran the course of my contract and subsequently chose […]

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8 Tips for Staying Safe on the Road Abroad

When driving overseas, there are many things to think about – you never know what’s just around the corner or where the next motorcyclist is going to come from! However, when it comes to being safe, nothing should be overlooked. These are the top tips that you should follow when it comes to remaining safe on […]

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Hiring A Car in Italy? Do so at your own peril…

My gusto for driving had come gushing back on a hot summer’s day in Oxfordshire after– incredibly –five and a half years without practice in Britain. It was me, my aunt’s lent and neglected Ford Ka, a hoard of nostalgia-reeking metal CDs from my early adolescent years (still know ALL the words) and a half asleep/half stoned friend, […]

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Why I can’t travel without my laptop

I’d absolutely love to jump into a time machine, whizz back fifteen years to an era when likes, follows and retweets were more pertinent to getting laid, getting stalked and ad hoc bird imitations, and go travelling somewhere. The challenge and novelty of it would be thrilling, if not brutally difficult. Imagine that: a world […]

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Free Walking Tours: Tips on Tipping

Gone are the days when we had to pay to be led around a city on foot. Now we have free walking tours, which – generally speaking – are a lot better, as the guides depend on the resultant tips at the end of each tour for an income, meaning that they are more engaged […]

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