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My Neck Of The Woods: Lyme Park, Cheshire

If blogs grew mould, this one would be covered from top to bottom. It’s been almost seven weeks since my last post. Why? Simple. I haven’t been travelling, so I’ve nothing to write about. Well, that’s sort of a lie. I’ve been places in Spain, but I try to reserve most of that for my […]

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48 Hours in Granada

‘Rushing’ is not something we are particularly adept at nor inclined to here in Spain. Though the old stereotype of ‘Spanish time’ has become wildly exaggerated, there is some truth in it, especially when it comes to enjoying oneself. Lunch breaks, for instance, often go on for 3 hours, and if a national or regional […]

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Lisbon: It was all Yellow

Coldplay’s Chris Martin claimed in an interview with Howard Stern that there was “no meaning whatsoever” behind the band’s hit single “Yellow”. I think he was telling porkies. In fact, I think he and the rest of the band had just come back from their holidays in Lisbon¬†when they sat down and wrote that song, […]

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Take12Trips May: Valencia

At last, I’ve got around to writing this post. It’s tricky making time for two blogs, freelance work, a full-time teaching job and what seems to be a blossoming romance. But hey, this is a blog about part-time travel so why not part-time productivity too? Let’s just hope I wow you with awesome content and […]

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Sintra: Way More than just a Day Trip

Whoever decided that Sintra can be see in a day is either the world’s most thankless traveller or superhuman. In any case, they are very, very wrong. Yet that was the general impression among the six or seven people we quizzed before and during our stay in Lisbon last month, thus, we allotted one day […]

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The Lisbon DIY Graffiti Tour

Art is something I’ve never, ever been good at. I was still drawing suns, hills, rivers and stickmen at about 14, not because I had the mind of a 5 year-old, but because I knew I was shite so preferred to take the piss. Since then my aptitude for putting pencil to paper hasn’t evolved […]

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