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Photo Essay: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Sometimes, travel blogging is incredibly unoriginal; a mere rehash of about four or five other posts covering the same subject. Yet sometimes this is unavoidable; every blogger wants to go to the prettiest places, take their pretty pictures and turn them into a pretty blog post. This is especially true of national parks, where – […]

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Rioting with The Torcida: Football’s oldest, fiercest and most fanatical supporter’s group

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] It was my second visit to Split; the year before I had spent afternoons milling about the war-torn maze of Diocletian’s Palace, quietly sipping coffee at any of the sundry, waterfront-flanking cafés and – come evening time – getting unabashedly drunk on a flowing supply of rakia. This time it was different. I […]

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The Dalmatian Coast (Part Three): Dubrovnik

Since the break-up of SFR Yugoslavia in 1991, Dubrovnik has emerged as the absolute jewel in the crown of Croatia’s flourishing tourist industry. Yes, there are crowds and yes, it can be cripplingly expensive, but go at the right time and you’ll quickly see why. Every stone inch of the city’s crumbling walls exudes a history so […]

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The Dalmatian Coast (Part Two): Split, Hvar and Other Islands

Some see Split as a mere terminal to its neighbouring network of paradise islands. Let me assure you, it is not. This city is the cultural hub of Croatia, and offers a matchless combination of hedonism and historical discovery. If you’ll pardon the unfortunate addition of bleak and unsightly apartment blocks that now occupy the central […]

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The Dalmatian Coast (Part One): Zadar and Sibenik

Now here’s a destination you’d be hard pressed to find fault with. Dalmatia, the 375km-long stretch of coastline in the south of Croatia, is an infinitely understated part of the world and offers holidaymakers seemingly endless lists of things to see and do, from lounging around on sun-drenched beaches to exploring Roman ruins, colonial cities, […]

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