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Backpacking Solo in Belize: Tips for Staying Safe

Mind-boggling, but in an oddly pleasant way, Belize is a total misfit. Culturally Caribbean, linguistically English (or a bizarre creole form), accepting of US dollars as legal tender, surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries and there are Chinese takeaways everywhere. Belize only gained independence from the ruddy British in 1981, and this is the outcome after 34 years […]

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Snorkelling in Caye Caulker with Ragamuffin tours

The keys of Belize are sanctuaries for backpackers. San Pedro and Caye Caulker welcome throngs of them every week, all eager to party Caribe-style and enjoy some world-class snorkelling along Belize’s barrier reef – the second longest in the world. When you arrive in Caye Caulker, you immediately pick up the Caribbean/party island vibe as you wander along […]

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