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Digital obsessive, blogaholic, bedroom DJ and self-confessed MacBook hipster. If I am not attached to my computer, I will probably be cycling up a mountain, hiking up a mountain, snowboarding down a mountain, butchering some yoga moves or devouring an enormous bowl of Carrefour Muesli. Based in Granada, Spain, where I run expat blog
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Moving home after living abroad sucks. Here’s how to cope.

Well, I never thought it would last forever. A small part of might have believed otherwise but now it’s official: I have finally moved home after living abroad for 6 years. Why? Ooh good one. Actually, I haven’t figured that one out yet. I like the UK. I do. It’s nice, for a while. When I lived […]

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glastonbury tickets

5 Reasons Not to Feel Shit About Missing Out on Glastonbury Tickets

“Damn you internet! Damn you See Tickets. And yes, damn you too Glastonbury! Why? I don’t know. But I don’t deserve this!!” If these exclamations more or less match those that parted your lips at about 09.45am this morning, take minor comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone. We are great in number, those of us who […]

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volcano boarding in leon nicaragua

Volcano Boarding in León Nicaragua!

First there was skateboarding. Then there was snowboarding. Then there was volca- wait what? Volcano boarding!? Come on now. Is that actually safe? What if I accidentally fell down a hidden vent or something? Don’t volcanoes spontaneously erupt sometimes!? Shush now! (voice in my head). Volcanoes may be capable of destroying EVERYTHING but most of them are pretty […]

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8 Brilliant Liverpool Music Festivals

Liverpool has always been a city synonymous with music. Legends like The Beatles both lived here and used the city as inspiration for many of their best-selling songs and albums. Now representing its status as a UNESCO City of Music, Liverpool hosts a great list of music festivals each year. New and exciting events are […]

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puerto viejo beaches

A Guide to the Puerto Viejo Beaches of Costa Rica

I don’t suppose there are many, or indeed any, other countries with a more befitting name than Costa Rica; with its collection of amazing beaches and broad span of diverse communities, cultures, climates and landscapes, it really is what you’d call ‘the rich coast’. But there are, of course, two very distinct coasts to explore. […]

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sumidero canyon, cañon de sumidero, chiapas

Cruising Down Sumidero Canyon, Chiapas

Not until I was speeding down a crocodile-infested river between the Sumidero Canyon’s 1km-sized walls did I realise that, actually, I don’t even need to be high up to be scared of, or at the very least perturbed by, great dizzying heights. Normally, when I peer over the edge of anything higher than 10ft it […]

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