March 2013


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Baroque not broke in Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Sorry, could you say that again please?” “Ljubljana” “Right. How do you spell it?” “L, J, U, B, L, J–“ “–woah woah woah. Sorry what? ‘Ler–jub–li–jana’?” “Never mind” That was three years ago. THREE YEARS. At 22, I’d never even bothered to learn the name of Slovenia’s capital, and there I was thoroughly embarrassing myself […]

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The Dalmatian Coast (Part Three): Dubrovnik

Since the break-up of SFR Yugoslavia in 1991, Dubrovnik has emerged as the absolute jewel in the crown of Croatia’s flourishing tourist industry. Yes, there are crowds and yes, it can be cripplingly expensive, but go at the right time and you’ll quickly see why. Every stone inch of the city’s crumbling walls exudes a history so […]

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